David Couper, PhD

Principal Investigator

  • GIC oversight
  • Chair, Data Quality WG
  • Statistical review of all SPIROMICS manuscripts
  • Statistical analyses

Lori A. Bateman, MS

Project Director

  • Overall project oversight
  • GIC leadership and management, logistics
  • Data management, sharing
  • Regulatory compliance

Bryant Lesnoski, MS

Research Specialist, SOURCE

  • POC for SOURCE study, substudies, ancillary studies
  • CDART data management
  • Regulatory management
  • SOURCE website admin

Lindsey Littleton, MPH

Research Specialist, SPIROMICS

  • POC for SPIROMICS study, substudies, publications
  • CDART data management
  • Regulatory management
  • SPIROMICS website admin

Lisa Gravens-Mueller, MS

Senior Biostatistician

  • Write variable and dataset specifications
  • Develop statistical analysis plans
  • Create data reports
  • Support statistical operations

Allison Ng, MS


  • Write dataset requests
  • Create data dashboards
  • Support statistical operations

Anna Wickenheisser, BS

Research Assistant

  • Scheduling
  • Study directory
  • SOURCE recruitment tracking
  • Meeting support

Noah Mason, MS

Research Specialist

  • Legacy data management
  • CDART form design
  • CDART form management

Cheyanne Ritz, MA

Public Communications Specialist

  • Website design
  • Content creation
  • Public communication